Tripzzy – 1.0.8 Released

Tripzzy is committed to offering travel industry entrepreneurs the features and tools they need to improve their travel businesses.

We are pleased to present Tripzzy v1.0.8, the most recent version, which is full of enhancements, bug fixes, and new features as part of our continuous commitment and development.

Let’s explore the changes we’ve made in Tripzzy v1.0.8

New Features

1. Icon Picker Block

Icon Picker allows users to easily search, select, and insert icons directly into your page. This block is based on Fontawesome. Its intuitive interface ensures that users of all skill levels can efficiently incorporate icons to improve navigation, emphasize key information, or simply make their site more visually engaging.

2. Slider Block

The slider block provides a user-friendly interface for creating dynamic and interactive visual elements on WordPress websites without requiring any coding skills. It helps users enhance the aesthetics of their site and improve user engagement by presenting content in a visually appealing and engaging manner.

3. Import & Export Tripzzy

The import & export functionality in Tripzzy enables users to effortlessly transfer their travel itineraries, trip packages, bookings, etc from one site to another. and also it helps the user to use it like sample data if they exported the sample trip files from Tripzzy.


1. Column Field in Taxonomy block

In the recent version of Tripzzy v1.0.8, we have updated the Taxonomy block settings to enhance the features and usability of the block. Now we have replaced the Item width property with the Column property in the Display settings section.

2. Added New Title Position in Taxonomy Block

As per the enhancement, we have also added a new title position just above and below the image. This will provide users with more flexible settings for title positions.

3. Compatibility WordPress V6.5

We have tested and deployed Tripzzy with the latest WordPress version 6.5. Tripzzy is fully compatible with the new release of WordPress.


1. Review Section Layout

We have fixed the Review section layout issue with the oceanwp theme. In the Trip single page, layout issue in the review section as the review star icon is misplaced.

2. Renamed label in admin settings

Renamed the tab name to Tabs from Sticky tabs under the Settings > Trip Settings. and also changed the logic to enable/disable the sticky option inside this tab content.

3. Warning undefined category Tripzzy.

Fixed Undefined Category Tripzzy in the customizer page and site editor.

4. Default Thumbnail in trip categories.

Added Default thumbnail image if there is no thumbnail for Trip taxonomies like Trip destination, Trip type, and Trip activities. We have also reduced the thumbnail size in the Term list page to display more terms in the list.

5. Admin trip edit page package category layout issue fixed.

We found some layout issues in the trip edit page in small screen resolution. The category price section is out of the container, so the layout looks ugly. Now with the update of Tripzzy v1.0.8, we have fixed this issue with other minor layout issue fixes.

Thank you for being part of the Tripzzy family.

We strongly advise updating your plugin in order to take advantage of the fantastic new features and bug improvements in Tripzzy v1.0.8. Prior to updating, don’t forget to make a backup of your website.

We therefore cordially welcome you to provide us with your ideas and opinions. We want to get better all the time, and your feedback is really helpful. In the next iterations, what additional features would you like to see?

Hello Tripzzy user: We are on continuous development. Please feel free to give feedback to us. Your feedbak will help us to make Tripzzy even better. Please leave your valueable feedback at [email protected]. Thank you

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