Tripzzy – 1.0.1 Released

Tripzzy v1.0.1 Released

In Tripzzy version 1.0.1, users can expect an improved and more seamless experience with the introduction of new features, bug fixes, and layout enhancements. Notably, the addition of “Trip Taxonomies Blocks” allows for the efficient rendering of lists under selected categories such as Top Destinations and Trip Types. Bug fixes address issues related to displaying trips with various statuses in the archive, pricing category visibility in the thank you page, and deleted pricing categories in the trip edit page. Responsive fixes have been implemented for the availability and itineraries sections, ensuring a smoother user interface. The update also includes tweaks such as hiding view modes when there are no trips in the archive. All the changes in this version are listed below:

  1. New Features:
    • Added “Trip Taxonomies Items Blocks” to render lists of terms under selected categories like Top Destinations, Trip Types, etc.
  2. Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved the issue of showing trips with any status (e.g., draft, trash) on the trip archive page.
    • Fixed the problem of not displaying the pricing category on the thank you page.
    • Addressed the issue of showing deleted pricing categories on the trip edit page.
  3. Layout Fixes:
    • Made responsive fixes to the single-page availability section and itineraries section.
  4. Tweaks:
    • Modified to hide the view mode on the archive page in case there are no trips.
  5. Admin Homepage:
    • Updated the layout of the admin homepage.
  6. Additional Changes:
    • Created a changelog.txt file for a comprehensive changelog.

These updates indicate a combination of new features, bug fixes, layout improvements, and tweaks to enhance the overall functionality and user experience of Tripzzy v.1.0.1. Users can refer to the changelog.txt file for a more detailed list of changes and updates.

Hello Tripzzy user: We are on continuous development. Please feel free to give feedback to us. Your feedbak will help us to make Tripzzy even better. Please leave your valueable feedback at [email protected]. Thank you

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