Tripzzy – 1.1.1 Released

We are excited to announce the release of version 1.1.1 of our plugin, packed with new features, enhancements, and important fixes. Our dedicated team continues to improve the plugin to ensure it meets your needs and provides a seamless experience. This update includes a new dashboard template, updates to responsive breakpoints, and Qty validation fixes to improve functionality and usability. Thank you for your continued support and feedback, which drive our ongoing development efforts.

Let’s explore the changes we’ve made in Tripzzy v1.1.1

New Features

1. Added Template

We are thrilled to introduce a new template for the dashboard page, designed to enhance your customization options. This template is compatible with both traditional themes and the latest full-site editing (FSE) themes, offering a seamless integration experience. Whether you are using a classic theme or leveraging the flexibility of FSE, you can now effortlessly customize the dashboard page to better suit your needs and preferences. This addition underscores our commitment to providing versatile and user-friendly tools for all our users.

This expanded version provides more details on the compatibility and benefits of the new dashboard template.


1. Responsive breakpoints updated

We have made significant improvements to our responsive design by updating the breakpoints to align more closely with WordPress standards. Specifically, we have adjusted the small (sm) breakpoint from 575px to 600px and the medium (md) breakpoint from 767px to 780px. These changes ensure better consistency across different devices and screen sizes, providing a more seamless and optimized user experience. By aligning with WordPress breakpoints, we aim to enhance the adaptability and visual harmony of your site across various platforms.

This expanded version provides more context about the changes and their impact on user experience.

2. Query Vars added

We have enhanced Tripzzy by adding support for custom query variables, enabling more robust handling of $_GET requests. This update allows Tripzzy to efficiently manage and process custom query vars, providing greater flexibility and control over URL parameters and their corresponding data retrieval. With these improvements, developers can create more dynamic and interactive user experiences, tailored to specific requirements and user interactions.

This expanded version provides more detail about the benefits and functionality of the new feature.

3. Replaced wp_unslash and sanitize_text_field with sanitize_key

In our ongoing efforts to enhance security and code quality, we have replaced the use of wp_unslash and sanitize_text_field with sanitize_key when verifying nonces in Tripzzy. This change ensures that nonce verification is handled more securely and effectively by using the most appropriate sanitization function for keys. By adopting sanitize_key, we aim to improve the reliability and robustness of our security measures, providing you with a safer and more secure environment for your Tripzzy operations.

4. Renamed Template slug

We have taken a crucial step to improve compatibility and prevent conflicts by renaming the template name and slug for the Tripzzy checkout page. This adjustment resolves issues related to template overrides, ensuring that Tripzzy works seamlessly alongside WooCommerce and other related plugins. By standardizing the template identifiers, we eliminate potential clashes and enhance the overall stability and interoperability of your site’s e-commerce functionality. This update underscores our commitment to providing a smooth and integrated experience for all users.

Specifically, we have changed the checkout page slug from checkout to page-tripzzy-checkout. This update ensures that Tripzzy operates harmoniously with other plugins, providing a more reliable and integrated experience for users and developers alike.

5. Icon block screen reader text

To improve accessibility and user experience, we have added screen reader text to the Icon block. This enhancement ensures that visually impaired users, who rely on screen readers to navigate and interact with websites, can understand the context and purpose of icons more clearly. By including descriptive text for each icon, we make our interface more inclusive and compliant with accessibility standards, ensuring that all users, regardless of their abilities, have a seamless and informative browsing experience.

6. Font size updated

We have made significant adjustments to the font sizing on Tripzzy pages to enhance readability and consistency. Specifically, we have updated the font sizes from em units to px units. This change provides more precise control over the text appearance, ensuring a uniform look and feel across different devices and browsers. By standardizing font sizes using px, we aim to deliver a more predictable and visually appealing user experience, making the content on Tripzzy pages easier to read and more aesthetically consistent.


1. Qty field validation

We have addressed a critical issue in the quantity field validation on our plugin. Previously, users encountered problems when attempting to submit forms with an empty quantity field, which led to inconsistent behavior and potential data processing errors. To replicate the issue, you need to add value in qty field and then remove the value. Our update now ensures that the quantity field properly validates and prompts the user if left empty. This enhancement prevents the submission of incomplete forms, thereby improving the overall reliability of data entry and ensuring a smoother, more user-friendly experience during transactions.

2. Button toggle issue with text.

We have identified and addressed a notable inconsistency in the behavior of our interactive buttons, particularly in the availability section of our platform. Previously, users experienced issues where the button text did not correctly switch between “Book Now” and “Cancel” as intended, depending on the context and user action. This problem could lead to confusion and hinder the booking process. Our recent update ensures that the button text dynamically changes according to user interactions, enhancing clarity and improving the overall usability of the booking interface. This refinement helps ensure that users have a more intuitive and responsive experience when scheduling or modifying their plans.

3. Form spacing issue

We have successfully resolved spacing issues across all forms on Tripzzy, including the checkout form, coupon form, enquiry form, and other input fields. Previously, inconsistent spacing led to a cluttered and confusing user interface, which could detract from user experience and potentially disrupt the completion of forms. Our latest update introduces uniform spacing standards that ensure a clean, organized layout across all forms. This enhancement not only improves the visual appeal but also increases the readability and ease of use for our users, fostering a more seamless interaction when filling out forms for transactions, inquiries, and promotions.

4. Tripzzy Login in Dashboard page redirect

We have improved the user experience on the Tripzzy Dashboard Page by addressing the login redirect behavior when invalid credentials are provided. Previously, users faced an abrupt redirection to the main WordPress login screen (wp-login), which could be disorienting and disrupt the user flow. With our latest update, users will now remain on the same dashboard login page if an error occurs due to invalid credentials. Additionally, a clear and specific error message will be displayed, guiding users to correct their input without needing to navigate away from the page. This enhancement not only maintains the context of the user’s actions but also simplifies the process of correcting login errors, making it more user-friendly and less frustrating.

5. Style – Container spacing fixes

The latest update to Tripzzy brings a resolution to container spacing concerns and various minor layout inconsistencies. This patch rectifies issues that could potentially detract from the platform’s visual cohesion and user experience. By addressing container spacing discrepancies and other minor layout issues, we ensure that Tripzzy maintains a polished and consistent appearance across its interface. These refinements underscore our commitment to delivering a seamless and visually appealing platform for our users.


Thank you for being part of the Tripzzy family.

We strongly advise updating your plugin in order to take advantage of the fantastic new features and bug improvements in Tripzzy v1.1.1. Prior to updating, don’t forget to make a backup of your website.

We therefore cordially welcome you to provide us with your ideas and opinions. We want to get better all the time, and your feedback is really helpful. In the next iterations, what additional features would you like to see?

Hello Tripzzy user: We are on continuous development. Please feel free to give feedback to us. Your feedbak will help us to make Tripzzy even better. Please leave your valueable feedback at [email protected]. Thank you

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