Trip Filter

A trip filter is a powerful tool used in trip planning to refine and narrow down options based on specific criteria. With a trip filter, individuals can specify parameters such as destination, trip type, and desired activities.

Recurring Dates​

Recurring dates in tripzzy refer to specific days or time intervals that repeat within the itinerary of a journey. These recurring dates are essential for structuring travel arrangements, especially for extended trips or regular visits.

Trip Itineraries

A trip itinerary is a detailed plan that outlines the schedule, activities, and logistics of a journey. It serves as a roadmap for travelers, providing a comprehensive overview of the trip from start to finish.

User Dashboard

A User dashboard serves as a centralized hub where travelers can access and manage various aspects of a trip. It provides a personalized interface that allows you to view key information related to your travel arrangements.

Form Builder​

A form builder is a versatile tool that simplifies the process of creating enquiry and checkout forms without the need for coding or technical expertise. The intuitive drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to arrange form fields.

Payment Mode

Tripzzy allows you various payment modes such as Book Now Pay Later and Paypal Payment as a default payment mode. By providing multiple payment modes, trips become more accessible and you can comfortably handle transactions during your journey.

Trip Infos

Introducing Tripzzy, the ultimate travel companion for your WordPress site! Revolutionize your travel content with our plugin that seamlessly organizes and presents trip info. With Tripzzy, you can effortlessly showcase travel details in a clean and user-friendly format.


What sets Tripzzy apart is its innovative feature that introduces user and trip-specific discount coupons. Tailor-made for a seamless user experience, Tripzzy allows you to create unique discounts for individual travelers and specific trips.

Trip Search

Transform the way users navigate their travel aspirations with Tripzzy, our dynamic WordPress plugin designed for seamless journey exploration. Featuring an intuitive and powerful search trip option, Tripzzy puts the world at your users’ fingertips.

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