Tripzzy – 1.1.3 Released

We are excited to announce the release of version 1.1.3 of our plugin, packed with new features, enhancements, and important fixes. Our dedicated team continues to improve the plugin to ensure it meets your needs and provides a seamless experience.

This update includes a new shortcode to list taxonomies, a sticky trip option, and fixes to the recurring dates.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback driving our ongoing development efforts.

Let’s explore the changes we’ve made in Tripzzy v1.1.3

New Features

1. Added Trip Taxonomies list shortcode

Tripzzy has recently introduced a new feature: the Trip Taxonomies List shortcode. This powerful addition allows users to easily display various trip-related categories on their website, such as trip destinations, trip types, and trip activities. By integrating this shortcode, travel bloggers and agencies can enhance their site’s functionality, providing visitors with a more organized and user-friendly way to explore available travel options and discover detailed information about each category. This enhancement is particularly useful for creating comprehensive travel guides and enriching user experience on travel-focused websites.

2. Sticky Trip Option

Tripzzy has enhanced its functionality by adding the Sticky Trip option, akin to the sticky post feature in default WordPress posts. This new feature allows users to highlight specific trips by pinning them to the top of their listings. By utilizing the Sticky Trip option, travel bloggers and agencies can ensure that their most important or popular trips remain prominently visible to visitors, thereby increasing engagement and visibility for key travel offerings. This improvement makes it easier for site administrators to feature special trips and promotions, ensuring they capture the attention of their audience effectively.


1. Recurring Dates month Not Selected

In the Trip edit page, when we checked the recurring month option in recurring dates and then saved the trip with selected recurring months. It will be gone after refreshing the page. The issue only exists on the trip edit page. In front, it will display the months correctly but not check the selected month in the trip edit page recurring dates section.

2. Recurring Dates list shows duplicate Month in the list

We have identified and addressed a notable inconsistency in the displaying month’s list in the availability section. Sometimes the redundant months are displayed in the list. we have addressed and fixed the issue along with this update.

3. Recurring Date validation.

Tripzzy has addressed an issue with recurring date validation. Previously, when setting a starting date, such as July 20th, the available date list would incorrectly display dates from the beginning of the month, starting from July 1st. This fix ensures that only dates from the specified start date onward are shown in the available date list. By correcting this discrepancy, the plugin now provides a more accurate and user-friendly experience, preventing confusion and ensuring that users can select valid dates more efficiently.


Thank you for being part of the Tripzzy family.

We strongly advise updating your plugin in order to take advantage of the fantastic new features and bug improvements in Tripzzy v1.1.1. Prior to updating, don’t forget to make a backup of your website.

We therefore cordially welcome you to provide us with your ideas and opinions. We want to get better all the time, and your feedback is really helpful. In the next iterations, what additional features would you like to see?

Hello Tripzzy user: We are on continuous development. Please feel free to give feedback to us. Your feedbak will help us to make Tripzzy even better. Please leave your valueable feedback at [email protected]. Thank you

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